On Betsy DeVos And Why School Vouchers Work

The Obama administration shall forever be remembered for its inability to improve the American school system – a failure made eminently clear by a regression in every single measurable metric. Obama’s administration proposed and enacted policies that amounted to massive stimulus packages, and a hurried inquisition to increase government oversight of schools.

Enter Betsy DeVos, Trumps Secretary of Education – a staunch conservative and supporter of charter schools, school vouchers, greater autonomy and accountability in the public-school system. A stark contrast from the Obama administration, which sought to have its big brown nose shoved up everything, and everyone’s rear.

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Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus And Civic Duty

“It is worth while for those who disdain all human things for money, and who suppose that there is no room either for great honor or virtue, except where wealth is found, to listen to his story.” – Livy on Cincinnatus

Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus was born in 519 BC, in what was at the time known as the Roman Kingdom. Cincinnatus was a family man who lived on a small farm located outside of Rome with his wife. He was a conservative, who in contemporary terminology, would be labeled as politically incorrect. In other words, he was a  proponent of upholding tradition and freedom.

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An Exploration Of Logotherapy – Finding Meaning In Life

What motivates you to live? What is the meaning of life?

For centuries, mankind has questioned everything. Mankind’s quest for the answer to what drives us, and what pushes us forward in times of darkness is not exempt from analysis. In fact, it’s been a consistent theme since the dawn of time. Stoicism, although not directly attributed to answering ‘what drives us’, skirts around the topic and creates a general set of principles to help us deal with negative externalities in life.

While many philosophers have pontificated on the subject of mankind’s driving force, and the ‘will to live’, there’s a problem inherent with such an analysis. In order to research such a basic, and instinctual topic, one needs to experience a visceral, cerebral experience that brings him or her to a basic, instinctual level, before having such an epiphany. One needs to examine our animalistic base, and then explore logically from there.

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